Highlights 2015

December 09, 2015 Seminar to Commemorate International Anti-Corruption Day
  NAB Lahore arranged a saminar to commemorate International Anti-Corruption Day at Hall No. 2 Alhamrah Arts Complex Lahore
December 04, 2015 NAB arranged Intercollegiate & University Drama Competition
  NAB Lahore arranged an Intercollegiate & University Drama Competition at Bukhari Hall, GCU.
December 01, 2015 Oath Taking ceremony of CBS members
  NAB Lahore arranged the oath taking ceremony of members of Character Building Societies at Auditorium, University of Engineering and Technology Lahore
November 10, 2015 Poetry and Singing Competition Arranged by NAB
  NAB Lahore in collaboration with Institute of Communication Studies, The University of Punjab, Lahore conducted poetry and singing competition.
November 08, 2015 Painting Contests Arranged at NAB Complex
  Students of different levels chose canvas and colors to express their revulsion towards the menace of corruption. Event was organized at the premises of NAB Lahore.
November 07, 2015 Essay Writing Competition Arranged by NAB
  NAB Lahore arranged an essay writing competition at Examination Halls of The University of Punjab, Lahore. Huge number of students from different parts of the province participated in the event.
November 02, 2015 Declamation Contests Arranged by NAB 
  Declamation contests in Urdu and English category were conducted on Primary/Secondary/College & University level, dated 02nd Nov, 2015 - 05th Nov, 2015. The competitors of different categories mesmerized the audience with their speeches.
November 01, 2015 Mobilization of Members of CBS
  Awareness team of NAB Lahore moved out in field to meet and mobilize the members of CBS. The members of CBS of different institutions were briefed about the mandate and code of conduct of CBS.
November 01, 2015 Interactive Lectures Arranged by NAB
  Interactive lectures specially focused to highlight causes and remedies of corruption, role of NAB and that of every individual in society and to inculcate moral and ethical canons among new generation were arranged at UMT, Lahore , NCBA&E, Lahore, University of Lahore, Qarshi University, Lahore,  Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore,  BZU Lahore Campus, UCP, KEMU, UVAS and LSE, Lahore.