The capability and confidence are important aspects of the personality. As a common objective of NAB Character Building Societies, the members have to be prepared to use their strongest abilities for eradication of corruption from the society. To strengthen and uplift the confidence and enhance the abilities of students at different levels, NAB under the platform of CBS arranges following events/awareness activities on different topics/subjects/themes related to NAB's mandate.



The registration for these contests starts in October each year. The nominations of students are called through respective EDOs of the region. In addition to this, private sector Institutions and Universities are also invited to nominate their best students for contests in each category. Moreover, any student interested in the contest can send his/her nomination through his/her institution as per given format.


Rewards and Encouragements

The top position holders in each level of the competitions are presented with merit certificates and cash prize. Each participant in the competition will be encouraged at all possible fronts and awarded participation certificates.

Shining Stars of 2015

Shining Stars of 2016