Drama Competition

Dramas are considered as a fine tool to communicate even the difficult messages. “Performance can convey emotions and leave an impression that endures”. Live theatre and drama have been a form of expression since the beginning of civilization. Jon Kelly says that drama and other type of performances can be a great communication vehicle for social issues. Drama opens the lines of communication on difficult social issues like corruption, bribery, nepotism etc., in a non-threatening way. NAB Lahore encourages students to demonstrate their disliking and hatred towards corruption and its loathsome effects over society through the medium of drama.  

NAB Lahore provides a platform by organizing a drama competition on the theme of anti-corruption each year. This competition is held on two levels:

  • School Level (Grades 1 to 10)
  • College/University Level (Students of College & Universities)

The jury members select first three positions for each level.


The registration for these contests starts in October each year. The nominations of students are called through respective EDOs of the region. In addition to this, private sector Institutions and Universities are also invited to nominate their best students for contests in each category. Moreover, any student interested in the contest can send his/her nomination through his/her institution as per given format.

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