Frequently Asked Questions

 Who can be the member of CBS, what can be the qualification of Member of a CBS?

Any person who has upright personality and is concerned about the development and welfare of the society for corruption free Pakistan can become a member.  

What activities CBS can undertake?


In connection with anti-corruption theme and awareness & prevention activities the CBS members can do the following:

  • Drama, Tableau, Plays, Debates
  • Declamations Contests and Lectures/ Sermons
  • Poetry and Singing Competitions
  • Painting and Poster Exhibitions
  • Organizing Cause-based Walks 
  • Motivating the society towards the establishment of a corruption free Pakistan through multi-faceted involvement

What is the jurisdiction of CBS?

The said societies have been and also are being formulated/ reactivated throughout Pakistan. The interested students and noble persons are requested to visit NAB Lahore or CBS website for more details regarding registration process and form downloads.  

Which CBSs are included in the jurisdiction of NAB Lahore?


All the educational institutions (Private & Public Sector) and the District Management offices located in following five Divisions of Punjab come under the jurisdiction of NAB Lahore:

  • Lahore
  • Sargodha
  • Sahiwal
  • Faisalabad
  • Gujranwala

Will NAB provide training to the CBS members?

Yes, NAB team visits different institutions located in Districtts, Tehsils and UCs and those located in remote areas. The institutions who intend to invite NAB teams at their location may also send their requests to NAB Office.  

What is the current standing of CBSs?

The said CBSs have been formulated all over the region: also where the said CBSs are not present or are inactive, efforts are at hand to do the needful. At present there are approximately 11,000 CBSs formulated so far in five divisions of Punjab under jurisdiction of NAB Lahore and the number is increasing with time.  

Are the CBS members going to be employed by NAB?

No, the members of CBS are honorary office bearers who will be in close contact with NAB for the trainings and liaison in connection with the functions of CBS and for propagation of message of NAB. The recruitment in NAB is an independent process for which vacancy positions are published in the national media occasionally whenever such demands arise.  

Why one should join CBS?

The self motivated, enthusiastic and courageous youth and people of society will certainly require a forum through which they may raise their voices effectively for eradication of malpractices and corruption from the society. One should join CBS to promote the message for the betterment of society and envisage the vision of corruption free Pakistan in close contact with NAB through training and time to time held interactive seminars/ sessions.  

How NAB can be contacted for getting knowledge about CBSs?

The same can be done through website, UAN and e-mail.