Governing Body

Character Building Societies are governed by National Accountability Bureau (NAB), under Section - 33 of NAO -1999 i.e. Awareness & Prevention activities. NAB being a prime anti-corruption, prosecution, law enforcement and prevention agency undertakes the operational efforts for the following white collar crimes against corrupt elements and white collar criminals:

  • Bribery and illegal gratification
  • Illegal gains
  • Criminal breach of trust
  • Illegal acquisition of assets and assets beyond means
  • Misappropriation/ embezzlement
  • Fraudulent banking practices and willful loan default
  • Misuse of authority for private gain
  • Cheating public at large
  • Assistance and abetment in the above offences

Organizational Structure

NAB operates under the leadership of Chairman and in whose absence, the Deputy Chairman presides. The seven Regional Bureaus of NAB are headed by respective Director Generals (BPS-21). The management of NAB includes Directors, Additional Directors, Deputy Directors and Assistant Directors assisted by the supporting staff.

Affiliations of NAB

  • Domestic
    Regulatory Bodies, Federal and Provincial Ministries/ Deptts; other Provincial and Federal Investigation/ Intelligence Agencies
  • International
  • Partnership with Foreign Agencies
    UK Home Office, Metropolitan Police UK, FBI, ICAC Hong Kong, Australian Federal Police, Serious Fraud Office UK, Deptt of Justice USA, Deptt of Homeland Security USA, INTERPOL etc.


  • NAB has undertaken a comprehensive strategy of awareness and prevention activities and through this approach has been successful in pre-empting mega corruption/ financial scams.
  • NAB has till date recovered billions of rupees from white collar criminals both in the form of liquid finance and court fines and has deposited back the same in the government coffers.
  • Owing to the scientific investigation, experienced prosecutors, highly trained educated and seasoned investigation officers; the success rate of cases of NAB has been exceptionally high in the trial courts.
  • NAB comparatively a nascent organization, has investigated hundreds of corruption cases and has concluded them through successful logical finality that is scientific prosecution through trial courts and superior courts.
  • Through the Character Building Societies only in five Divisions under the jurisdiction of NAB, Lahore, around 1,50,000 students and notable persons of society have become members and part of NAB CBS family to join hands against corruption. The similar societies have been formulated by other seven Regional NABs where thousands of students have been enrolled.