Painting / Poster Competition

The Artwork we see and hear leave direct effect on our judgment on moral values, our aspirations, our theology and our sensation for the society and social evils. Visual arts like paintings, posters, cartoons and photographs can effectively communicate the awareness messages against the deadly evil of corruption and its detrimental effects on the society and our future. NAB Lahore regularly arranges live competitions of painting & poster for the youngsters so that they can depict the grey areas of society.      

The competition is organized at three different:

  • Primary Level (Grades 1 to 5)
  • Secondary Level (Grades 6 to 10)
  • University Level (Students from colleges / universities)

A healthy and pleasant environment is made available for students where they have to make their paintings live in presence of the jury members.

NAB Lahore also holds a painting exhibition where selected paintings from the painting competition are exhibited in "Alhamra Art Galleries" before or after 9th December which is the International Anti-Corruption Day.


The registration for these contests starts in October each year. The nominations of students are called through respective Executive District Officers (EDO) (Education) of the District concerned. In addition to this, private sector Institutions and Universities are also invited to nominate their best students for contests in each category. Moreover, any student interested in the contest can send his/her nomination through his/her institution as per given format.